Custom Landscaping & Hardscapes

Custom Landscaping & Hardscapes in CT

Since 2001 Pondering Creations LLC has been Creating Custom Landscaping & Hardscapes for Homeowners, Towns and Businesses.  We are A Fully Licensed and Insured, Family Operated Small Business.   We Specialize in Koi Pond & Water Feature Installation, Restoration and Maintenance. 

Pondering A Creation In Your Backyard?  Please Call 8603026741.  We can plan a time when we are in your area. CT only please!

Custom Landscaping 

Our main goal at Pondering Creations is to exceed client’s expectations.  Turning a vision of a backyard into an actual custom landscape is an artform.  Once every stone, leaf and droplet of water has been placed, a landscape will be lived in, not just looked at. 

Custom Hardscapes

Different Outdoor Spaces Have Unique Requirements. Whether You are looking for A Hardscape, Garden Pathway, Stone Accent, Water Feature, Or Stepping Stone, We Can Help.  Unique Custom Stonework is What Sets Us Apart From Other Landscape Companies in CT.   The Water Feature is A Very Important Piece Of A Good Landscape Design.  It Provides The Focal Point And Ambience Of The Space.

Poolside Water Features

Turning A Pool Into A Water Feature Changes The Entire Landscape of The Backyard. It Turns A Family Pool Into A Resort.  Hook it up to a Heater and Now You Have A Spa & Resort.  Get Yourself A Boat & Fill It From The Waterfall. We Call Them “hot boats.” You’re Welcome! Another Great Thing About Poolside Waterfalls Is That They Look Awesome From Inside All Year Long.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Areas Personalize Your Backyard or Business Space.  We like to Incorporate Seasonal Interest, An Artistic Focal Point and Functionality to our Custom Landscaping & Hardscapes.  If you are interested in a Custom Backyard Kitchen, Living, or Dining Space Call Pondering Creations.  Enjoy these Inspirational Photos of some Different Projects and Stonework Styles.

Backyard Kitchens

When Talking About Custom Landscaping & Hardscapes We Have To Talk About Outdoor Kitchens. These turn your backyard into a space you want to be. If you are interested in a Custom Backyard Kitchen, Living, or Dining Space Call Pondering Creations.

Garden Accents
Custom Stonework

Looking to add a Touch of Personality to Your Backyard? Maybe a Stone Mosaic is Right for You.  These Unique Custom Stone Garden Accents Add A Focal Point To Any Landscape Design.  Stone Mosaics can be Built into a Stonewall or Fireplace or Simply Placed on an Easel For a Dramatic Effect.  No matter the use, they really make a statement. Have an idea for a great stone mosaic? We do custom work! Usually we have Some Stone Mosaics and Garden Accents For Sale in our Giftshop at Pondering Creations Farm.  Don’t hesitate to Contact us for more information.

Custom stonework- dragonfly mosaic