Water Gardens & Koi Ponds

Water Garden & Koi Pond Installation in CT

Water Gardens, Koi Ponds, Streams, Waterfalls, Fountains, Poolside or Pondless Water Features, and Natural Ponds… they all add to the Tranquility of an Outdoor Living Space. Whether you start with a Cool Stone, Natural Outcrop, Pool, or Woodland Area, you can have a Beautiful Backyard Retreat.

Looking To Add Curb Appeal,  A Focal Point or Garden Accent in Your Backyard?  Maybe A Pondless Water Feature is Right For You!   Check Out This Video of A Beautiful Pondless Water Feature in Ct.

Watergarden and Landscape Design Company servicing CT

Pondless Features are Great for Adding Personality To Any Landscape and Attracting Wildlife to the Garden Without Committing to an Actual Pond.  They make a great addition to any Outdoor Space and Look Amazing From Inside All Year Round.

Contact Pondering Creations for Water Garden & Koi Pond Installation and Maintenance.

Add a Fountain For Aeration

Add an Island, Fountain, or Bubbling Rock Fountain to your Existing Pond. Need plants or fish? We will deliver in Ct.Koi Pond Maintenance and Installation Company in CT, Pond Accessories