Aquatic Plants & Fish

Welcome To Pondering Creations Farm.  Aquatic Garden Center-Aquatic Plants, Fish, & Pond Supplies in CT.   Open May- December, Saturday & Sunday 10-5 or by Appointment.  

Aquatic Plants & Fish Farm

Just as the sign says, Treasures! There is something for everyone, a mixture of old meets new, with a splash of CT-Made, Up-cycled, Nature-inspired, Eco-friendly, Salvaged, or just plain old cool! We have beautiful aquatic plants & fish for sale and stock fish food and pond supplies for all your water gardening needs. 

Aquatic Plants & Fish For Sale in CT

At Pondering Creations Farm We Carry Lots of Different Perennial and Tropical Aquatic Plant Options. In Our Greenhouse We Grow Bog Plants, Native Aquatic Plants and Marginals.  We Also Grow Sacred Lotus, Water Lilies, Water Hyacinth, and More.  Sorry!  We Do Not Ship. In the Aquatic Garden Center and Giftshop we stock various beneficial bacteria, fish food, pumps, filters, aerators, pond treatments, bulbs, custom cut filter pads, replacement skimmer baskets and more.  If we don’t have what you are looking for then we can order it from one of our suppliers or send you an online link to a similar item.

Plan A Visit To Our Aquatic Garden Center & Giftshop Custom Landscaped Exclusively by Pondering Creations. 

Water Lilies At The Farm

Water Lilies Are A Farm Favorite At Pondering Creations.  We Carry Multiple Species of Tropical And Hardy Water Lilies.  Water Lily Blossoms are Fragrant, Colorful and Solitary.  They Bloom All Season And Can Be Be Submerged Up To 2-3 Feet.  The Waxy Coated Leaves will Surface Quickly and Provide Shade and Structure For Pondlife.  

Aquatic Plants and Fish for Sale in CT

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Aquatic Plants – Lotus 

The ultimate in aquatic plants is the lotus. The complexity and beauty of these plants and blooms are amazing.  Lotus are mid summer bloomers and worth a trip to the farm even if you don’t have a pond!  If you want to add a lotus to your pond then stop by Pondering Creations Farm and see what we have available.

Lotus Plants for Sale on the farm

 Fish Farm

Pondering Creations Farm was created because of a passion for aquatic plants and fish.  The landscape company has grown each year and now includes farm raising fish for our clients.  Watching fish swim in a pond is a very calming and restorative activity.  The mesmerizing quality of fish.  We sell fish by appointment or weekends 10-5.  


 Fish and Koi for sale at the aquatic fish farm

We also stock pond pumps, fountains, aerators, beneficial pond bacteria, nets, fish food, & other pond and fish Supplies.

Aquatic Plant Varieties


Aquatic Plants on the Farm

Benefits Of Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants Increase the Oxygen Content & Water Quality of A Pond.  Aquatics Help Prevent the Build-Up of Algae, Remove Fish Waste and Improve a Pond’s Overall Health By Balancing Its Natural EcosystemAquatic Plants Are A Beautiful Addition To Any Water Feature. They Attract Pollinators & Wildlife to the Garden.

Winter Hardy Aquatic plants for sale.

We have Aquatic Plants and Fish for Sale.