Backyard Farm

Stop By Pondering Creations Farm May-December, Saturday & Sunday 10-5 To Meet Our Adorable Animals!

Come Meet & Feed Our Friendly Koi At The Farm!
Ask To Meet The Bears While You Are Here!

Daisy & Willow Bear Are Sister Old English Sheep Dogs…They Run The Farm. Here’s Their Video! We Have A new One In The Works! Stay Tuned!

Don’t Forget To Stop By The Chicken Coop To See Our Flock While you’re Here. Check Out My Favorite YouTube Video Of Our Chick Hatching!

No Farm Would Be Complete Without Cats…So We Rescued One & Adopted Two More Barn Cats!

Here’s Bootsy Relaxing!

Sissy Being Camera Shy

Next Up…Goats! Currently We Have 4 Goats In Our Herd. The 3 Kids Will Be 1 In February! & The Legendary, Uncle Curly. Here Is Their Introduction Video. Enjoy!

Meet Buttercup, aka Butty, Our Bottle Baby
Peanut, The Shy One, When He Was 2 Weeks Old

When Visiting please know:

We allow snacks and drinks just remember to pick up after yourself and that we do not currently have any public facilities! Also please be respectful of your surroundings as we also live here. Thanks! You can always Contact us and we will gladly make an appointment if you can’t come during our scheduled hours.

Park anywhere in the rock or mulch parking areas as we try to keep the driveway open.

Please watch children closely while here at the farm! The watergarden is a great family attraction but we do not want any children unattended by the pond. It can be dangerous and also we don’t want anything other than fish food getting thrown in! Also, little fingers look like snacks and we don’t want anyone getting bit by any of the farm animals!

We used to be dog friendly, but now that the chickens free range we only allow pets to visit when we have pet-friendly events. You can find out more information about all of our events on Facebook.

Who knows what will be next!!? YouTube! Here Is A Link To Our YouTube Channel! Subscribe! Thanks!