Winter Refresh at the Farm

Welcome to Pondering Creations Farm Hibernation Blog. We are officially in house project /nesting mode on the homestead right now. Stealing time away for ice fishing, skiing, & winter retreats when we can.

In the Homestead Kitchen we are creating organization & Cleaning long forgotten nooks while cheffing it up using last years bountiful harvest. This month we are doing a pantry challenge with no grocery shopping for the entire month. Check Out Our Pantry Videos on our YouTube Channel. #threeriverschallenge

Our Farmhouse Kitchen
On The Farm

The farm animals are all fluffed out in their winter coats watching us carry water around like we enjoy it. The sheep frolic in the snow while the goats hide away for it as much as possible. I know they miss all the visitors they get when the shop is open. Undoubtedly They become Boring Antisocial Winter Goats starving for attention.

In The pond’s frozen state it still provides moments of peace and tranquility. I’d rather be watching fish swim around but … not today…

We are looking forward to reopening in May 2022. Hopefully people will be looking forward to events this summer! Painting by the pond, date nights, & more. We have lots of new merchandise for the shop this season. We have expanded our stock of seed companies & local artisans. FYI we will not be vending at the Ct Flower & Garden Show this month. Hopefully you can visit us at the farm in May!

We would love to hear from you!