As Winter Loosens It’s Grip

We slowly step outside with rejuvenated breath and awakened senses. The snow is melting. The ice receding. The winds of change are here. Spring has sprung… the warmer days and cold nights are just what we need to break hibernation and get our maple sugaring done.

Maple syrup evaporator
Learn How To Collect Sap & Make Maple Syrup Here.

I don’t know about you guys but we are just ready this year. Ready to wake up & go outside and look for where I left my shoes the night before.

Ready to feed the fish and plant the garden. Ready to watch the sunset & fish at the lake. Ready to go to the river and splash around. Ready to just be outside without freezing.

Ready to be back here…

There is something special about experiencing four seasons though…I mean we love the snow & ice but I honestly want to know how people who live in warmer climates just keep going all year long…. I don’t know how they just do all the things we put off for winter!? The indoor projects & family game nights & binge watching? When do you have time to rest, plan, and process?

Growing food for spring in my backyard homestead
Re-Sowing The Garden for Spring will be a long awaited day. We still have 4-6 more weeks to plan.

Patiently waiting for Winter To Loosen it’s grip…we will do all the planning, prep and projects. We will be working in the greenhouse & moving fish. We will be waking up the gardens & finding what was lost to winter. We will get all the sleds, skis, traps, and ice skates put away and take out the seed trays, spring decorations, and move into this new season with anticipation of doing it all again. The air seems different. The winds of change are here. I saw my koi for The first time in months. We have planned and rested and will be ready for spring with our skates, seeds and syrup.

Definitely ready to find all the things in the Garden…

In the mean time, We will be enjoying the snow and ice and appreciating every little change as we slowly break hibernation and warm up. Check Out Our Winter Farm Tour & See Whats Interesting in the Garden! Nothing is blooming yet, but there’s still some cool things out there! & Guess who’s birthday it is!!? Plus our winter weekly giveaway on our YouTube channel! Thanks for following along! Please share this blog! See you next month!

There will be lots of fun in the garden!
Stay tuned!

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