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Pondering Creations Farm will be sharing a monthly Pond & Garden Blog about all the happenings at the Farm. Landscapes & Fish, Plans & Projects, Farm Updates, Eco-friendly Tips & Tricks and more. All while hopefully adding some inspiration & positivity to your life! Enjoy The March Episode!

Pond & Garden BlogDaisy Posing Nicely While Willow Bounces Wildly Off Camera…

Winter is the season where we do everything we have put off until after the holidays. Who’s with me? Our days are full of household projects, Daily Chores, & yes! Remote Learning. This winter is a bit different with the kids home 24/7 and no place to go. We at least have skiing, ice fishing & ice skating to keep them entertained.

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Usually we are working on Flower & Garden Show Prep, but this year it’s cancelled (like everything). So, we are planning a new exhibit here at the farm for everyone to enjoy. We have a bit of surprise in the works at the moment!!!

Pond & Garden Blog
Last Season We Updated The Island & Added A Swing By The Pond

That Meditation Island was great because Running A Homestead has changed our lives a bit on the farm. Where we were once only taking care of fish, we now have a lot more farm animals & vegetable gardening has become important, rather than just something we do. Food Preservation, Gardening, & Farm Chores are now considered date night for Kevin & I. Moving Fences is now Quality time together! It’s so different than it was pre-homestead?! Pre- Pandemic?! Idk…. I do know Becoming More Self- Sufficient takes dedication and a lot more time than we initially realized. The benefits are vast, but the time & dedication can be tiring on an already busy schedule. Love what you do!

New Sheep On The Farm
Can’t Wait for our new girl to arrive! Katadin Sheep Dreams…coming true😍
Planning our Garden to fill the Pantry again this year!
We are planning our garden to stock our pantry again this season so we used our grocery list for planning. Leave me a comment & let me know what you are planting!!!

Learn More about living sustainability & growing your own food while shortening your grocery list & shopping bill each month.

Come along with us as we transform more backyards across CT in our new landscape series on our growing YouTube channel! This watergarden was inspired by a homeowner who took a trip to Colorado & Enjoyed the botanical gardens so much we recreated it for him!

Follow our Journey as we expand our landscape company, aquatic plant & fish farm, homestead, giftshop, Display Gardens, Vlog, & now….Home, Pond & Garden Blog!!!

We will be posting on our BLOG monthly & over on YouTube weekly. Hopefully we will be able to have some yoga, wreath making, felting, painting, & other classes by the pond this summer. Watercolor classes in the garden sound great right about now!

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