What’s Blooming At The Farm

Lots Of Lillies are Starting to Pop & We now have some Tropical Lillies in stock. My favorite new hardy Lily is the “Changeable” which starts off peach & changes to yellow.

Marsh Marigolds were beautiful and the first thing to bloom in our pond. Now they have really cool seed pods!

The Aquatic Forget Me Knot is another early bloomer & still beautiful.

There are lots of different aquatic iris in bloom & one of my favorite aquatic plants the “monkey flower.”

The Cotton Grass, Creeping Jenny, & Chameleon (pictured) are already in bloom!

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The Lotus Blossoms are looking beautiful & We have already had some Hyacinth bloom in the greenhouse.

Of Course there is lots of wildlife at the farm right now! Toads are mostly gone & now there are frogs & treefrogs!

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