Farm Update!

New Kids on Pondering Creations Farm…

Meet Cow, Donkey, & Piglet (left to right) our new triplets! They were Born 2/27/18 to Mama Goat, Our Newly Adopted Saanen.

Everyone is Happy & Healthy & Enjoying the Beautiful Weather While We Make Some Changes to The Goat Pen & Prep For A Forecasted NorEaster. In The Video You can See Proud Uncle Curly in The Background.

Piglet is the Smallest & Was Shivering A Bit Until We Gave Her a Little Sweater. She Seems Much Stronger After A Few Days Of Nursing.

Cow Looks Like the Scottish Highland We Will Never Have. Lol. She Is Super Bouncy & Friendly To All Her Human Visitors.

Donkey Looks Most Like His Dad, A Gray Billy Goat. He is Definitely The Most Rambunctious & I’m Pretty Certain, Mama Goat’s Favorite!

Even The Chickens Are Curious About What Is Happening In The Goat House… You Can Come Meet Our Growing Farm Family Sundays 10-5 starting again in May Or By Appointment!

Here is a link to the Farm Page on Our Website!


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